Cold Spark by John Michael Mouskos

Cold Spark

John Michael Mouskos

Eye with red optic nerve short circuited in flame
fire, bleeds pale grey, rejecting watercolor. Eye
released from eye socket transplanted from donor.
Red dot, blue square, anatomy of a Sun God.
Eye in body of God walking at 10 paces wearing
leather shoes—may as well be walking in my outer
cortex, the sound of footsteps is deafening. Eye
of a pinhole in the night that sucks out happiness—
trains pass through it. God stands tall with light
stick in one hand and section of tubular steel in fist.
God ignites cold spark, rides electric blue celestial
and howls like an animal between worlds. God is
the blind man on the subway train, somewhere
between Stockwell and Green Park. God is
screaming at me, moves forward a step. God a
cnidoblast from a startled Aurelia aurita’s lung.


© John Michael Mouskos


John Michael Mouskos

John Michael Mouskos was born in London. His first collection, Autumn, was presented in November 2011 at The Society Club in Soho, London. His work has since gained prominence at international literary and film festivals and been widely published in journals. His poem “White Spider” is nominated for the 2016 Forward Prize. He wrote and directed Unlined (2015), short-listed at the BAFTA qualifying 2015 British Independent Film Awards and winner of an Honorable Mention at the 2015 International Film Awards of Berlin. He is currently writing the screenplay Polyphony, his debut feature film.