Issue 10

Rivet 10

This country of hustlers and dreamers:
everywhere these lost men.

— “Dream States”

From the former Yugoslavia to the farthest reaches of the solar system, Rivet issue 10 explores the edges of place and identity. This is our most international issue yet. Enjoy!



Family Tree by James Butcher — poetry

Dream States by Emma Rault — nonfiction

Rearrangements by Vojislav Pejović — fiction

Northern Mockingbird by Rae Hoffman Jager — poetry

Aboard the Ark by Jaclyn Costello — fiction

Treaty about the Dimension of Joint Viewing Nikolai Leskov’s The Enchanted Wanderer: In Search of the Holder of Content (on the Ocean of Perception with or without You) by Arnie Bodette — poetry

Thirst by Phoebe Tsang — fiction

I let them drift away by Andrew P. Dillon — poetry

The Rest of Us in Hell by Matthew Lyons — fiction

Water on Mars by Matthew Fairchild — nonfiction