Issue 11

Rivet 11


All around Robin Hood’s barn
—Anne Graue

Rivet issue 11 is a compact package of literary surprises, light enough to fit in a pocket as you ramble through the long summer days, deep enough to indigo the twilight of short summer nights. Tomas Moniz gives us an elegiac poem on intimacy and complicity, manhood and privilege in “on the beauty of urinals & bodies.” Heidi Sadler’s “Headstory” imagines how we would define humanity in the aftermath of a global epidemic. Roxanne Grandis’ “Sweeter Is the Meat” unpacks the loves and hungers of a pride of zoo lions, and JW Burns takes us inside God’s workshop in “Wrought What…?” Anne Graue closes out the issue with “Barbed Wire Fences and Billboards,” a highway poem that records, unblinking, the American heartland.


on the beauty of urinals & bodies by tomas moniz — poetry, nonfiction

Headstory by Heidi Sadler — fiction

Sweeter Is the Meat by Roxanne Grandisfiction

Wrought What…? by JW Burns — fiction

Barbed Wire Fences and Billboards by Anne Graue — poetry