Warmest Pi by Chad M. Horn

Warmest Pi

Chad M. Horn

I. Item Wraps

dyslexic I
calculating converse pi
inverse algorithms / reverse rhythms
& altogether skewed logic

thus, 7 divided by 22 equals 0.32;
less than one-third of a (black) whole
explaining my tripolar tendencies
& eternal melancholy

II. Warm Spite

when what-goes-around-never-comes-around
when circle segments cease to circulate
(find closure)
when a slice of my pie chart is gobbled whole
when loci are un-locatable
when proper geometry is graphed on improper geography

III. Remap Wits

my heart compass is broken
my time protractor is warped
my internal ruler has been beaten against many a desk
my margins are filled with multiple fractals
my my my
my antiquated Spirograph fills clean white sheets
w/ black holes


© Chad M. Horn


Chad HornChad M. Horn is the author of two full-length books of poetry: Eclipse Of Crows (Published In Heaven) and Circulate Or Congeal (Old Seventy Creek Press). His work has appeared in numerous literary magazines, and he serves as the emcee of the annual Kentucky Writers’ Day events.