Issue 3

Rivet Issue 3

Rivet Journal cover issue 3In issue 3 of Rivet, you’ll encounter the sinister power of the ocean for protagonists from different centuries, explore how our understanding of language shapes our origin stories, and follow a Renaissance man and a woman in to space. Your guides? Fiction writers Youssef Alaoui-Fdili, David Crohn, Joachim Frank, Steve Gilmartin, Allison Hymas, and Gina Williams.

Also in this issue, five female poets take on the obscure and the uncomfortable – calling them out into the street to rip them apart then conjoin them into beautiful, prosodic mutants. Get ready for the poetry of Jenn Blair, Rae Hoffman Jager, Caroline Kessler, Sara Emily Kuntz, and Tori Grant Welhouse.



Kissing the Sky – Gina Williams

Two Flash Fictions – David Crohn
* Is There a Bird
* Da Vinci in the Tower

Siren Song – Allison Hymas

Living in Fog – Youssef Alaoui-Fdili

Four Wintu Tales – Steve Gilmartin

Wedding Wishes – Joachim Frank


Getting Closer To It – Rae Hoffman Jager

Found Letter, Collaged Back Together – Caroline Kessler

Lunch Hour at Planned Parenthood – Sara Emily Kuntz

from d r e a m e d, a dictionary – Tori Grant Welhouse

Locals – Jenn Blair


Creative nonfiction will return in Issue 4.
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