Issue 6

Rivet Issue 6

© Arman ZhenikeyevWelcome to issue 6 of Rivet Journal.

We close out 2015 with visions mythic and meditative, heartrending and human.

The dark months are upon us. The feast months, the family months, when the past catches up with us and won’t be ignored. Rivet issue 6 enters that dark with a blazing light and asks: How can we look into the void and still render ourselves complete?

Featuring fiction by Paul Kavanagh, Phoebe Reeves-Murray, Benjamin Schachtman, and Alina Stefanescu; and poetry by Eve Kenneally, Elisabeth Sharp McKetta, Kathleen Nalley, Austin Sanchez-Moran, and Scott Sherman.

Light a candle, take our hand. We’ll go there together.



The Man Who Built Hell by Benjamin Schachtman

Owls by Alina Stefanescu

Fifty Gorillas by Paul Kavanagh

Worse Things by Phoebe Reeves-Murray



We Dead by Scott Sherman

Two Poems by Elisabeth Sharp McKetta
* Still Life: 35
* How to Be a God

What Survived the Wash: Sapphic Fragments by Austin Sanchez-Moran

Let Me Explain by Kathleen Nalley

They Keep Finding Bodies Behind My Grandparents’ House by Eve Kenneally