We Dead by Scott Sherman

We Dead

Scott Sherman

When we dead awaken
———-we come as the crow
you planted in the earth
———-in a hole-punched shoe box.

When we dead awaken
———-we come as the dog,
who tried to pull himself out of the road
———-back to you, a half-empty roll of toothpaste.

When we dead awaken
———-we come as the father,
whose heart boiled your brain, whose hands
———-sent you into the backyard with a shovel.

When we dead awaken
———-we come as the fall days
you buried away
———-in the forests of Connecticut.


© Scott Sherman


Scott ShermanScott Sherman is a graduate of Ursinus College, where he earned his BA in the field of English. He has been writing poetry for six years, and his work often focuses on abstract realizations of his dreams, youth, and relationships. He breaths nostalgia and tries to include his past into the majority of his writing. Scott has recently or will soon be featured in: Indiana Voice Journal (Issue 12), Right Hand Pointing (Issues 88 and 91), The Lost Coast Review (Winter 2016 Issue), and The Bitchin’ Kitsch (September 2015 Issue).