the whole world is wrinkled like elephant skin by Aimee Herman

the whole world is wrinkled like elephant skin

Aimee Herman

analysis collects teeth from back-packed body, 243
breaths give off tragedy, 17
buttons anger hipbone, 52
collect pills and marriages, 444
curry lungs, 24
decipher the diameter of stains on sidewalk, 23
denim decides sex quotient, 8
dirty pieces of nothingness, 24
eat significance, 912
engrave the opposite, 19
erotic bite down of neuroses, 30
exploit war, weather and elections, 302
feel the aroma of her tongue, 20
forehead dreams of travel, 27
freud keeps his eyes busy, 33
genetic disrobe, 39
grab hold of the ghost called body, 14
grow into thunders, 40
how sad to be inside a body, 13
it was before they got the meds right, 919
let the ruin go beyond your self, 21
love surpasses colposcopies and genital warts, 48
meant to wake up feeling, 179
metal fire burns the edges of memories, 22
misbehave wrists, 8
outside: rain, guilt and mothers, 302
pretend to understand, 47
resist memoir and baths, 545
swagger longing, 200
terrorized limbs cough, 45
the shape she makes when pressed, 40
thumb slung into bent, 40
translate theories like heaven & birth control, 523
treat body like leftover supper, 9
truth in salt, 441
unfold discontent, 197
wallpaper lips closed, 18
weep without eyes, 34
where tongues go at night, 64


© Aimee Herman


Aimee HermanAimee Herman is a Brooklyn writer looking to disembowel the architecture of gender and what it means to queer the body. Find Aimee’s poems in Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics (Nightboat Books), in the full-length collection, to go without blinking (BlazeVOX books) and