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Issue 11

Rivet 11 All around Robin Hood’s barn —Anne Graue Rivet issue 11 is a compact package of literary surprises, light enough to fit in a pocket as you ramble through the long summer days, deep enough to indigo the twilight of short summer nights. Tomas Moniz gives us an elegiac poem on intimacy and complicity,…

Wrought What…? by JW Burns

Wrought What…? by JW Burns God likes to look back. Not so much the catastrophic parts, which after a few repetitions tend toward incidental wizardry rather than sustained narrative, but rather He enjoys gazing at old favorites, which rest like disciplined furniture in His many mansions. Thinking ordinary usually starts following some vast reconfiguration or…

Roxanne Grandis

Sweeter is the Meat by Roxanne Grandis

Sweeter Is the Meat Roxanne Grandis Down at the zoo, the lions are considering a rebellion. “Fresh meat,” they roar. “We want fresh meat.” They have voracious looks in their eyes as they stare at the little girls and boys in freshly washed underpants and socks—looks that seem to take in ankles to eyelids all…

Heidi Sadler

Headstory by Heidi Sadler

Headstory Heidi Sadler Mammo’s told me a thousand times about way back in the twenty-teens when Headshows could make the police come. Everyone was super-duper correct-o back then, and there wasn’t nothing but scraps of TV left to show folks what freaks was. Now we’re everywhere no thanks to the skeeter disease that turned most…

Tomas Moniz

on the beauty of urinals & bodies by tomas moniz

on the beauty of urinals & bodies tomas moniz   my first night at a writing residency in the oregon mountains i struggle to build a fire in my cottage. & remember as youngchild camping w/my father. build it like cabin. like teepee. i failed. pushed out of the way & relegated to bunching newspaper….