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MK Chavez

Three Poems by MK Chavez

Three Poems MK Chavez What I Might Carry in the Small Cave of My Mouth Malcontent forked my tongue. It’s a mystery spot. “How do you do that?” That was the first question. And then the statement: “You’ve got a mouth on you.”   I tie cherry stems. My mouth is a shady place. The…

Opinions from the Jukebox by David Plumb

Opinions from the Jukebox David Plumb Mar 16, 2014 A $100 permit and microchip implant for iguana identification? Too many iguanas? Watch out. Iguanas growing to be six feet long? May live twenty years? Terrorist iguanas? Never mind iguanas. Just take off your shoes and don’t bring too much shampoo or shaving lotion to the airport….

Rivet cover issue 4

Issue 4

Rivet Issue 4 Get ready for danger and delight in Rivet Journal #4. This issue bookends our first year online, and we’ve got some special treats for you inside. In the poetry section, we’re thrilled to feature the work of MK Chavez. She is the author of three chapbooks and has been a fellow at Squaw Valley…


Lael Gold

Meeting by Lael Gold

Meeting Lael Gold Voodoo had been a required class, something we all attended without really thinking about it. The lecturer tried to induce trance states unawares. We just thought he was boring. We were white and Quaker. The empty driveways and green backyards of rural Pennsylvania held us as we partied and studied, gesticulated, flirted,…

Stephanie Golisch

Vacation by Stephanie Golisch

Vacation Stephanie Golisch The sun pours down heavy on our heads like pancake batter. I don’t understand the language. We follow the locals. Though they might be leading us in circles, we have no choice. We had to give up our cell phones at the border, no one dared to argue with the guards in…