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Rivet issue 7

Issue 7

Rivet 7: Love, loss, and a little redemption Fall into the flesh and risk everything for a dream. In this issue, you’ll find utterly original fiction and poetry penned by award-winning and emerging authors from the U.S. and abroad. These works ask: Where does faith reside? How does love survive? And: Is there an equation in…


Charles Springer

Dog with Ulna by Charles Springer

Dog With Ulna Charles Springer Left the house looking for the dog down the street the beat cop waved his gun a little red girl hiding inside her poodle skirt with windup tail needling a compass stopped on east and stepped on toes, head west young pup found in ice atop mount cannibal.   ©…

Tomas Moniz

fleshy & feral by Tomas Moniz

fleshy & feral Tomas Moniz tonguelashed & licked     home is never farther than your mouth     that whispering rebel god     eschewing commandments     smiting no one     no thing     knowing faith resides     fleshy & feral     on the tip of tongue    …

Fizzy Star Box by Lorraine Schein

Fizzy Star Box Lorraine Schein I kept my star In a fizzy star box So it wouldn’t shoot off And disappear. Mother astronomy, take me beyond Beyond. Like the children running the magic shop, We live in the occult, not always knowing how The trick is done. Nice storm, thanks for the reminder Of lightning….

Aleph Altman-Mills

(The One I Will Not Name) Goes to the Doctor by Aleph Altman-Mills

(The One I Will Not Name) Goes to the Doctor Aleph Altman-Mills He put his stethoscope to her chest and heard the sound of nails being filed. He looked in her ears and saw smoke stains. He looked in her eyes and saw bear traps. He told her to say “Ahhh…” It came out “Uggg…”…