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bestofrivetOne of the greatest things about working on Rivet is that it gives us the opportunity to signal boost unique and powerful writers. We do this not just by publishing them here on the journal but also by putting their work in front of prize committees at the national level. We nominate Rivet authors’ work for influential competitions and make sure that awarding organizations peruse Rivet when selecting works for consideration. Though we have not yet been selected for a major award by the powers that be, I hope you will exercise your power to support these authors. Choose one of the extraordinary authors below and give them a read.  —Liana

Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses

2016 Nominees

Love Letters to Vegas by Sofía Margarita López  –  fiction

fleshy & feral by Tomas Moniz  –  poetry

What to Do When Grandma Has Dementia by Larry Handy  –  nonfiction

Africa Safari Journal (in Haiku) (with Footnotes) by Mindela Ruby  –  poetry

2015 Nominees

What I Might Carry in the Small Cave of My Mouth by MK Chavez  –  poetry

Dr. Gorgonzola of the Ripening Caves by Tantra Bensko  –  fiction

Every Bird Casts a Shadow – Alexandra N. Kontes    flash fiction

Wigleaf: Best flash fiction on the Web

2016 Longlisted

Meeting by Lael Gold    flash fiction

Vacation by Stephanie Golisch    flash fiction

Every Bird Casts a Shadow by Alexandra N. Kontes    flash fiction

Reader’s Picks

Most popular

Beige Girl Problems by Gyasi Byng  –  nonfiction

Canis Lupus Astra by Killian Czuba    flash fiction

Getting Closer To It by Rae Hoffman    poetry

Be Fruitflies and Multiply by Danielle Susi    flash fiction

How Can I Tell You About San Francisco by Siamak Vossoughi    fiction