Issue 7

Rivet 7: Love, loss, and a little redemption

Rivet cover issue 7

Fall into the flesh and risk everything for a dream.

In this issue, you’ll find utterly original fiction and poetry penned by award-winning and emerging authors from the U.S. and abroad. These works ask: Where does faith reside? How does love survive? And: Is there an equation in which me + you = yes?


fleshy & feral by Tomas Moniz    –   poetry

Love Letters to Vegas by Sofía Margarita López    –   fiction

(The One I Will Not Name) Goes to the Doctor by Aleph Altman-Mills    –   poetry

Notes to the Last and Second to Last Lover by Sara Adams    –   fiction

Seating Chart by Mariam Zafar    –   poetry

Obsidian by Christie Wilson    –   fiction

Dog with Ulna by Charles Springer    –   poetry

Salome and Circe by Jane Flett    –   fiction

Fizzy Star Box by Lorraine Schein    –   poetry