Issue 12

Rivet 12

Because she would play with fire
as she would play with her pigtails.
—Barbara Westwood Diehl

Issue 12 is a building with many rooms, long, looping hallways, and doors that never seem to open on the same place twice. This is an issue of shifting landscapes and strange constructions, houses you can’t quite settle into, and strange bedfellows in unfamiliar beds.

Fiction from Will Waller, Allie Gove, David Ward, and JC Reilly will lead you into haunted places, homes with long memories and spaces you can’t seem to escape.

Poetry from Kristin Camitta Zimet, Barbara Westwood Diehl, and Heather Derr-Smith will take you behind the curtain of life’s illusions, into the firelit homes and cold churchyards where we always, eventually, find ourselves.

Nonfiction from Katharine Coldiron, Ean Bevel, Jane Hammons explores the landscapes of memory and imagination, leading us from Texas to Paris and, finally, into the underside of everything.

So find a comfortable corner, or a room with a view, and pore over this map of a strange land, this blueprint of a house that can never be built.  —Emily Kiernan, editor


Phantom Architecture by Will Waller — fiction

Underside by Katharine Coldiron  — nonfiction

The Magic Show by Kristin Camitta Zimet  — poetry

On Flocks and Rocks by Ean Bevel — nonfiction

Parable of the Dead by Allie Gove — fiction

Why I Slapped Her Hand by Barbara Westwood Diehl  — poetry

Drunk and Pregnant in Paris by Jane Hammons — nonfiction

The Atrium by David Ward — fiction

Miss World by Heather Derr-Smith  — poetry

When We Lived in the Blue House by JC Reilly — fiction