Issue 2

Rivet Issue 2

Rivet Journal cover issue 2Rivet issue 2 ranges wide–from Bikini Atoll to Tupelo–and traverses a multitude of states of mind. Click through to visit the journal online, where you’ll learn the risk factors for Head Exploding Disease, which words come last, and exactly how things went down between Jesus and Diana.

The authors featured here include emerging and established writers from the U.S. and abroad. You’ll find fiction by Ira Brooker, Patrick Cole, Matthew Dexter, Stephanie Dickinson, Anna Lea Jancewicz, Rebecca Schwab, and Kelly Thomas; poetry by Marcia Arrieta, Andrea Janelle Dickens, Jenn Gutierrez, Chad M. Horn, Myron Michael, Steven Ray Smith, Scott T. Starbuck, Elizabeth Kate Switaj, and David Welper; and creative nonfiction by Cara Lopez Lee and Lenore Weiss.



Cloudless – Anna Lea Jancewicz

Leaving the Building – Ira Brooker

Survival Mechanisms – Kelly Thomas

OXY Pads and OxyContin – Matthew Dexter

This Is Your Underlife – Patrick Cole

Recall – Rebecca Schwab

Emily and Big-Headed Anna – Stephanie Dickinson


Two Poems – Elizabeth Kate Switaj
* Fire Flowers in the Lagoon
* Third Space

Eating the Kitchen Sink – David Welper

What I Can’t Say at My Neighbor’s Party Looking at a Map of the United States – Scott T. Starbuck

Warmest Pi – Chad M. Horn

Veer-off – Steven Ray Smith

Two Poems – Andrea Janelle Dickens
* Desert Lightning
* Aubade

Mythology – Myron Michael

With the Village – Jenn Gutierrez

journeys/after remedios varo – Marcia Arrieta


It Was Animation, I Know – Lenore Weiss

Which Words Come Last – Cara Lopez Lee