Issue 9

Feast Your Mind on Rivet 9

I shall draw one last bird for you
— Mr. Lessing

Issue 9 of Rivet Journal offers an absolute feast of literary styles, from flash nonfiction to our first novella. Among the delights in store for you:

In “Mr. Lessing” by Nick Roth, divine madness clashes with greed in pre-Gold Rush California; Larry Handy teaches us “What to Do When Grandma Has Dementia” in this powerful work of memoir; and Mindela Ruby‘s “Africa Safari Journal (in Haiku) (with Footnotes)” draws our eye to what is visible but not seen.

You’ll also find savory poetry by Tricia Knoll, Liz N. Clift, John Michael Mouskos, and Alison Moncrieff, nonfiction by Jessamyn Smyth and Mark Davenport (a.k.a. Alex George), and flash fiction by Vincent Barry. Bon appétit!


What to Do When Grandma Has Dementia by Larry Handy  –  nonfiction

Africa Safari Journal (in Haiku) (with Footnotes) by Mindela Ruby  –  poetry

Through the Bay’s Lace Curtains by Vincent Barry  –  flash fiction

All Sharp Teeth and Soft by Jessamyn Smyth  –  flash nonfiction

Two Poems by Alison Moncrieff  –  poetry
* Clotho
* Y

Girlhood by Liz N. Clift  –  poetry

How a Woman Kisses a Ghost She Knows by Tricia Knoll  –  poetry

Cold Spark by John Michael Mouskos  –  poetry

A Surreal Youth by Mark Davenport  –  nonfiction

Mr. Lessing by Nick Roth  –  novella